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If you are thinking of gifting a hexagon pin loom this season, or asking for one for yourself, we would like to tell you about a few special items.

We have a limited edition of original TURTLE Looms and TURTLE 4″ “fine sett” kits that just came out of the workshop. They are made of premium quality hardwood plywood “Made in America” in walnut finish. We have about a dozen of each, and this will be “while supplies last”.

Shop the limited edition Original TURTLE Loom™ HERE.
Shop the limited edition TURTLE Loom™ “fine sett” HERE.

IMG_20181004_154441_727_resizedThere is also a limited number of “two-toned” TexaTURTLE loom kits available, a rare occasion where the top layer of the plywood is two-toned, which gives the looms an absolutely unique and beautiful expression. Not one loom is like the other, so it will always be “your” special loom. To explain, we have made looms for two years so far, and we had only one sheet of plywood with these special markings, resulting in about a dozen or so “two-tone” TexaTURTLE™ looms. Another “while supplies last”.

Shop the limited supply TexaTURTLE™ Loom HERE.

20181103_165134_resized (2)Lastly, we are adding a TURTLE loom canvas tote bag to our offerings, large enough to store all your precious TURTLE looms or carry a larger project. The sturdy 100% canvas cotton bags are in a natural off-white with a black, wide bottom and black handles. The front of the tote features the authentic TURTLE Loom logo.

From now until Thanksgiving the totes are 15% off, use coupon code NEWTOTE18 when you check out to receive the discount (apply coupon code).

Shop the new TURTLE Loom Canvas Tote HERE.

Happy weaving in style!

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