“Cold Feet” Home Remedy – A Footstool

20200130_170501_resizedOur house has concrete floors, which means – even in Texas – the floors are COLD during the winter, causing uncomfortably cold feet when sitting at the desk for prolonged times.

Hexagons to the rescue to make a pretty and practical footstool! If you can get your feet just a few inches off the cold floor, it helps them to stay warmer.

20200126_171845_resizedOur woven top is made using a collection of precious-to-me yarns, including some hand spun wool. All woven on the Original TURTLE Loom™.

We bought the other parts needed to make our footstool, but this is a perfect DIY project using things that you may already have around the house:

  • Any piece of wooden board, any size of your liking, for the footrest.
  • A cut-up broom stick or even a cut-up tree branch for the feet.
  • The padding is optional. If you don’t have foam at hand ( even some packaging foam would do), you can use leftover pieces of quilt batting, fabric scraps, or any type of stuffing that you can think of.
  • Instead of the tacks, a stapler will do the job, too.

Got cold feet? Got loom? Got yarn? … Click here to DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS.

Happy weaving and warm thoughts!


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