Think Birds!

20200219_175944_resized (2)There’s probably nothing better than to “think spring” around this time of year, and with that comes the anticipation of colorful and melodious birds.

20200219_175847_resizedMeet duck Dr. Mallard, a contribution to the birds challenge that is starting in the Facebookand Ravelry pin loom weaving groups today.

20200219_162005_resizedIt is no secret that I like weaving “cakes”, and for Dr. Mallard I chose Yarnspirations Caron Latte Cakes (color 22028 Horizon Blue), a super soft yarn with cute little frills, perfect for not just stuffed animals.

One benefit of “cakes” is that the colors work well together. You may separate the colors first, and weave sample hexagons, as I did, which helps with choosing the colors that will work best for each part of a project.


To make a stuffed duck, weave:
(3) large hexagons for the body, on the TexaTURTLE™ loom
(3) medium hexagons for the head, on the Original TURTLE Loom™
(2) medium hexagons for the wings, on the Original TURTLE Loom
(1) medium hexagon for the tail, on the Original TURTLE Loom
(1) small hexagon for the beak, on the TinyTURTLE loom™

For the body, sew three hexagons into a row, close the row to a round, then sew the top and bottom sides close. Stuff and close completely.

Repeat those steps for the head. Before you close completely, install 2 10mm safety eyes on one side  (use photos for guidance).

20200219_170812_resized (2)Fold the two wings as shown, and sew the sides, stuffing it lightly before closing completely.

Fold the tail hexagon in half as shown, baste a thread along the folding line and pull in the width to shape the tail.

Fold the beak in half as shown and sew the sides stuffing it lightly before closing completely. Baste a thread along the folding line and pull in the width to shape the beak.

Attach head and wings to body. Attach tail to body. Attach beak to head.
Weave in any remaining ends.


I found one of my favorite childhood songs online, “Alle Vögel sind schon da” presented by Sing mit mir – Kinderlieder … (see English lyrics text by Mama Lisa’s World)

Get in the mood with Dr. Mallard and weave along!



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    1. LOL about the translating, yes and agreed! But at least people get an idea what it’s about.
      (Btw, the only song that I know of that translates well into many languages is Silent Night)

  1. Your duck reminds me of one of my favorite childhood songs. It begins: Alle mine Entchen schwimmen aid den See…

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