Happy Chinese New Year!

20200124_221850_resizedGong Xi Fa Cai, and it’s the year of the rat …

When I learned that the new lunar year is the year of the rat, I could not resist to weave up a quick project.

I had made some mice as accessory to our October Gnome of the Month a couple of years ago, and … if you use the same mouse pattern and a TexaTURTLE loom … you get a rat!

Here are the instructions:

You will need about 15 yards of worsted weight yarn, I used Berroco Mercado in 4103 Playa to get the authentic, natural look, or use any yarn and color of your liking.

– (1) TexaTURTLE hexagon for the body


20181014_181110_resized_LI (2)

  • Fold the hexagon in half and sew along the edges as shown on the photo, leaving an opening for stuffing.
  • For the ear, when you get to A, secure the thread (make an extra stitch). Sew straight stitches to B, pull in a little bit to form the ears, then secure once more. Sew towards the end, but leave a small opening for stuffing.
  • For the eyes, install two (10mm) security eyes or – after finishing the rat – embroider two French Knots.
  • Stuff slightly, then close completely.
  • With a double strand of yarn, crochet about 20 chain stitches onto the rear end of the rat, as a tail.
  • The rat will measure about 6.5″ from nose to rear, without the tail.

Best wishes for a wonderful year!



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