! Please Vote !

We currently have an opportunity to make the front page of this year’s Little Looms magazine!

While I would be thrilled to see my design on the front cover, this would be an even bigger opportunity to raise awareness that pin looms are indeed real looms, and that people can make serious, unique projects with them.

Please consider casting your vote on Handwoven’s Facebook page … CLICK HERE to go to the page that has the instructions on how to vote.

Both projects will be in the issue which is scheduled to become available end of April, and I have the feeling that it will be chuck-full of awesome projects for all little loom weavers!

Thank you to those of you who have already voted and see a message similar to this … for a third time. (Yes, I am excited!)

2 thoughts on “! Please Vote !

  1. I went to their FB page via your link. I didn’t find any instructions on how to vote so I simply left a comment on the post. Are there different instructions some where? I do want my vote to count.

    1. Hi Gina,
      Leaving a comment on that post is exactly what you needed to do. Thank you for voting!

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