Made in Almost No Time – Spider “Itsy”

“Does anybody have a pattern for a spider?” was the question on a pin loom forum last night … challenge accepted!

20200317_135925_resizedI still had some leftover hexagons from Dr. Mallard, so the choice at hand was to use those to make “Itsy”, our little spider, Dr. Mallard’s new friend. The leftover hexagons, woven on the Original TURTLE Loom™, have just the right size for a pocket size spider toy.

20200317_141454_resizedThe fuzzy Caron Latte Cakes yarn by Yarnspiration of course turns out to be the perfect choice for a spider, although you probably don’t want to use a whole cake to make spiders (for the records, I estimate that you can make about 30 spiders from one cake).

Need a spider? Here are the instructions …

  • You will need (2) hexagons.
  • Sew them together along five sides, stuff lightly with stuffing of your choice, then close completely.

20200317_124254_annotated (2)Now work the legs sides. Using the crochet hook from your loom kit, starting at a corner shown in the picture, work a leg (see Leg pattern below). Work 2 sc, then work another leg. Repeat the last step until you work the fourth leg at the next corner. Turn the spider and work another row of legs on the opposite side.

Leg pattern:

  • Start with a single crochet (sc).
  • Chain 14.
  • Work 1 sc into the second chain from the needle, then one sc in each of the next five chain stitches.
  • Work 2 sc into the next chain stitch.
  • Work one sc in each of the next five chain sts.
  • Work one sc into the same space as the first sc.

20200317_135944_resizedUse the photo to guide you when you embroider the face with a piece of black yarn.


  • Fill the spider with beans to make it a toss toy.
  • For older children you can use safety eyes or buttons instead of the embroidery (you’re the safety judge).
  • Use any yarns, any colors … this is a great project for leftovers.
  • Use different size hexagons to make a spider family (you may need to adjust the length of the legs).

Itsy’s body is about 4″ wide without the legs. With the legs it measures … well … if Itsy would ever hold still … here’s what it looks like:


Don’t get scared, weave on!


4 thoughts on “Made in Almost No Time – Spider “Itsy”

    1. Hi Kathryn!

      Thank you for your comment, and for the inspiration to make “Itsy”!
      Itsy is made on the Original TURTLE Loom, which measures 4″ side-to-side. I just added a picture to the blog that shows the actual size of the sample, see here.
      And if you want, you can make Itsy on a larger loom … or a smaller one … or you can make a family!
      Be safe and weave on,

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