Treasure Hunt!

The Handweavers Studio in London is now fully restocked … and there’s more! In support of the store’s tag line “A treasure trove for textile creatives” we decided to do a treasure hunt that is open to all TURTLE friends in the UK … and anywhere else.

Store owner Dawn and Alan and their team are now carrying the 1″, 2″, and 4″ Square looms, either to be used together with Elongons or on their own. They have also added the new, unique Jewel loom!

However, that’s not all … There is a new treasure hidden on the Handweavers Studio website, and if you find out what it is, you can enter to win that treasure! Entering for a chance to win is easy: Leave a comment on the blog when you find the treasure.

ETA: Denise CP was the first to find the treasure: It’s the Original TURTLE Loom XF – extra fine sett. I will tell the story of the loom in the next blog on Monday, but in a nutshell, this loom weaves finer sock yarns (knitting gauge 30sts/4″, weaving gauge about 12 epi) and will most likely be the finest sett loom that we will have in our product line.

YOU CAN CONTINUE TO ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN THAT LOOM … just enter a comment below. Ask any questions that you may have about the new loom, write what you’d do with such a loom, or just say that you want to win it!

How it works:

  • Leave a comment on this blog.
  • One entry per person please, multiple comments from the same ID will count as one entry.
  • You can enter now until Sunday, November 20, 2022, 6 pm CT.
  • We will raffle off one (1) of “the hidden treasure”; the winner will be determined by random drawing.
  • The winner will be announced some time on Monday, on our blog.
  • No purchase necessary. No substitutes, no cash.
  • This giveaway is conducted by Bluebonnet Crafters, LLC. It is open to pin-loom lovers internationally unless there are any legal restrictions in your country that prevent us from shipping to you. (Note: In case you win, we will pay for USPS International First Class shipping or contribute to the postage in the equivalent amount of that. You will have to pay for any extra shipping cost and any custom and/or tax incurred by your country.)
  • We will use the contact information only to determine the winners. We do not share that information.
  • In case you win, we will ask for your permission to post your first name, state or country.

Ready? Go hunt!

42 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt!

    1. The Jewel is new to Handweavers Studio, that’s correct. But we’re looking for a treasure that nobody has ever seen before …
      And yes, all comments enter for a chance to win, so you’re in!

    1. BINGO!!! You know your TURTLEs well, Denise, and have a sharp eye. The Original TURTLE Loom XF is brand new, and it is so new that what the Handweavers Studio has listed right now are the first for sale in the world. The rest of the world will follow very soon, though … I will tell the story of the loom in the next blog on Monday …

    1. The Jewel is definitely one of a kind, and a new loom from this year, and to my knowledge there has never been such a pin loom before. But it’s not “the” treasure that we’ve been looking for. Thank you for posting, though, and you’re “in” for the drawing!

  1. Ditto on Jamie’s comment! Although I fear I’m already pretty close to that goal…except you keep making new ones Gabi! 😉

    1. Lol, Deetzie, thank you! My family keeps asking “Are you done yet?”, and so far the answer has been “No.”

  2. I like the idea of the extra fine sett loom as I also do a lot of sock knitting. This new loom will be a great way to use up leftover yarn.

    1. The “fine sett” looms already had in mind to help with leftover sock yarns. However, “sock yarn” comes in such a broad range that we were curious how “fine sett” we could make the TURTLEs. The answer is the XF!

  3. LOL! When you said “no one has seen it yet” I thought it was the one with “Image coming soon”.The Texa Turtle Loom Kit. That was funny!

  4. Ok…I clearly need that loom… and to catch up on all the others I’ve missed! 😂 I’m gonna be broke before I ever get anyone else’s Christmas gifts Gabi.

  5. Extra fine is very exciting. I have the fine hexie and saving to buy the regular. Extra fine might make a dent in my stash of lace, lol.

    1. Some lace actually weaves up very pretty! It’s still lacey, but a nice fabric. One hexie takes a little over 9 yards of yarn to make … it will be quite a challenge to make a true dent into a lace yarn stash!

    1. Yes, it’s a TURTLE loom! There are actually several of them, and the one that was “hiding” is the new Original XF for very fine sock yarns.

  6. So I currently use sock yarn on my 1″ fine sett hex. This loom is even finer than that? If so it would be great for some of my handspun that is too fine for that loom!

    1. That’s exactly it … the current fine sett is fine, the extra fine sett is finer. I’ve heard from crafters who handspin thinner yarns and are looking for a way to weave it. While the XF will not do everything, it does “finer than the fine sett”.

  7. I think it’s wonderful that Turtle looms are now available in shops outside the USA. Weaving, knitting, and love of yarn have no boundaries. The internet is great for shopping, but there is something magical to see it with your own eyes and touch it with your own hands.

    1. You’re going in the right direction! We call it the “extra fine sett” … suitable for finer sock and fingering yarns with a knitting gauge of about 30 sts/ 4″. Happy to hear that you like your TURTLE!

    1. Very good question, and the answer is that the tools that you use for the fine sett still fit for the extra fine sett. Less wiggle room, but it works!

    1. That’s another good question, thank you, Élisabeth! Answer: Because the size of the loom is the same as the other Original looms, you can make any of the projects for which the Original size is a good fit.

  8. The giveaway signup is now closed. The winner will be announced tomorrow, here on the blog site. Thank you all!

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