TT22 Is Going Back to Iowa!

Linda Canton in Iowa
will be our last TT22 host this year, for December.

Linda and her husband Dan live in the very unique Driftless Area of north-east Iowa. She writes about herself “We are an off-grid family, living in a fixed up timber-frame barn (well, still working on it). We are both recently retired (mostly … I substitute as a bus driver), and loving it.”

They share their home with “pandemic puppy” Tex (he just turned 2), a Texas Heeler who keeps them on their toes and outside, hiking their woods and trails. Linda’s comment on the photo: “He barely tolerated the photo session…can’t you hear him thinking – you gotta be kidding, Mom …”

Linda on the topic of hobbies: “How long do you have? Fixing up old places (a turn of the century Norwegian log cabin, our barn/home), cutting wood, stacking wood, hauling wood, burning wood (just kidding … we heat with wood), spinning fiber, knitting (see my favorite felted mittens from last year), making braided rugs, sewing … learner of much, master of none. But it sure is fun to try!

About her pin-loom experience and plans Linda writes “Never used a hexagon loom, have tried to buy one, but they are (always) out of stock! Popular buggers. I do have an old 2 inch and 4 inch Weavette, along with a pile of squares. After reading a Little Looms magazine, I have set my sights a bit higher than acrylic squares … What would I like to make with the TURTLE? Don’t know yet … make some hexagons and see what shapes I can put together … a hat? Mittens? A sweater? I’m excited to see what I may make! I certainly have lots of yarn …”

TT22’s adventures of living off-the-grid with Linda, Dan, and Tex this December will be shared here on the blog … stay tuned!

(Photo credits: All photos except title are by Linda Canton. Used with permission. All rights reserved.)

2 thoughts on “TT22 Is Going Back to Iowa!

  1. Perfect December host! The ruggedness of their lifestyle is a pleasant contrast to the softness of the woven hexagon. It will be inspiring to see what Linda makes! Her lavender hand spun yarn is gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you for your comment, and I agree that this looks like a great place (with a lot of pretty yarn) to spend the month!

      Like many months before, I’ve been enjoying to learn about new parts and aspects of the States … this Driftless Area is so unique, and not the Iowa that I had heard of.

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