This week is our first anniversary, please celebrate with us!



If you haven’t seen it yet, we designed a shawl to celebrate our anniversary, and we advertised it in Interweave’s PieceWork magazine.




The PieceWork magazine is celebrating its 25th anniversary … what an inspiration! A quarter century of top quality, history preserving needle craft ideas.

I discovered the yarn for the shawl design last year at my favorite Local Yarn Store “The Knitting Cup” in Georgetown, TX. And guess what? They are celebrating their anniversary, too!

We humbly recognize that we are in great company.

If you like the shawl, which combines hexagon weaving with hexagon crocheting, you can download the free pattern on Ravelry.

The hexagons are woven on the original TURTLE Loom™, and in our Etsy store we’re also offering a limited number of yarn kits for the shawl. (If we’re out, don’t worry … more are on the way.)


And there will be a little bit more on TURTLE’s anniversary in just a few days …


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