Trunk Show Thank You

20180825_153609_resized (2)People had asked for photos of our first trunk show, and while I didn’t have much time to take pictures, here are a few impressions.

It was a GRAND time! I like to call it a “family reunion”. The store was busy at all times, and the atmosphere was the best anyone could wish for: Smiles, busy bees, sampling, chatting, more smiles, laughter, information gathering, hugs, and of course yarn (lots of it!) and TURTLEs.

I thank Caryn and her team at the Yarnivore for giving us this opportunity and making it the best first time trunk show anyone could wish for.

Result: We want to do it again!


On the left is Dawn, she is a TURTLE addict working at the Yarnivore. She came on her day off ON HER HARLEY (!!!) to stock up on some TURTLES. Next is a new customer and I’m sure we will hear more of her very soon. Then there is fellow crafter Laurel, and lastly … that’s me.

And here is Monica, who brought her cool custom 3-pin super-sized rectangle loom while wearing one of her creations. She got the TinyTURTLE and tried it out right away.

Monica brought a friend, who bought her first TURTLE, sat down in the store and followed the instructions booklet to weave her first hexagon right at the store. She likes the “Celebration” shawl, and I think it looks really good on her!

I don’t have pictures and names of them all … there was Dorothee, one of the students from my first weaving class, who came with to more generations (her daughter and grandchildren) to look at the looms. Customers Jessica and Patrick, and just A LOT of people until long after 4 pm.

Here are a few more photos for you to enjoy …

If you want any of the yarns that I used for my “Come and See” projects (the little basket, the car seat blanket, the leafy scarf, the Dino Gnome), you can call the Yarnivore, they take orders over the phone:

2357 NW Military Hwy
San Antonio, TX 78231
(210) 979-8255


I’m filled with gratitude.

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